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Country:   Colombia

Region:  Narino

Varietal:   Castilla, Colombia, Caturra

Process:  Washed

Altitude:  1800m above sea level

Flavours:  Apricot, toffee, cashew

The dept of Narino is located in the southwest of Colombia, just above the equator and on the border of Equador. The area is mountainous and boasts 5 volcanoes.

The Galeras volcano has an interesting peculiarity - it had been active for around 1 million years, before going through 10 years of dormancy, up until 1988, when it re-activated.  Its remains commonly active and the soils around the land have benefited from the volcanic compounds that been produced over time, hence making coffee growing richer.  

The Narino coffee is grown at altitudes that can reach up to 2200m above sea level and it benefits from the micro climates that operate within the department.  

Producers in this region are small holders who usually manage their own wet mills, patios (open and covered) for dryin.  Depending on conditions, fermentation can range between 12 - 48 hours.  Some producers add layers of wet parchment to the beans which they believe adds some complexity to the flavours and resulting in a great final cup profile.  

Narino is blessed with some of the best drying conditions in the country, due to the micro-climate and high altitude.  This provides lower relative humidity, more wind and more sunny days than other areas of the country.  

An all round great coffee, packed with punchy Colombian flavour, great body and great acidity.