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Country: Ethiopia

Varietal(s): Heirloom (Local landraces & JARC 74)

Process: Washed and dried on raised beds

Altitude: 2,200 metres above sea level

Region: Jimma, Gera Woreda

Tasting notes: Sweet, lemon, pear

This exceptional coffee was grown by smallholder farmers living around the Woreda (County) of Gera. This region is extremely well known for excellent coffee production in Ethiopia

Home to the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC), the centre has worked to develop resistant and tasty varieties for the Ethiopian coffee market, as well providing the agricultural know how and training to cultivate them.

Around 85% of Ethiopians live rurally and make a living from the land. Coffee is a great cash crop and means of sustainability for the Ethiopian people.

Most coffee grown in the region is almost 100% organic though not certified. The harvest usually takes place in November and December across most of the growing regions.

Coffee is selectively picked and sorted bye quality, with little going to waste as the overall quality is extremely high. Fermentation takes place and the coffee is washed via grading channels, again ensuring high quality takes place. Beans are placed on raised beds to dry, by spreading them into thin layers. The coffee is then sent to the dry mills for removing any foreign material, parchment or signs of defects before exporting.