GUATEMALA - Cooperativa Chichupac

GUATEMALA - Cooperativa Chichupac

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Country:  Guatemala

Varietal:   Bourbon, Catuai, Pache, Sarchimor

Process:   Fully washed & Sun dried

Altitude:  1800m above sea level

Region:    Baja Verapaz

Tasting notes:  Apricot, Caramel, Cherry

The Coffee Producers Association of Chichupac (APCC) was formed in 1982, following the conclusion of Guatemala's long civil war.  The group remains small.  It is made up of just 28 members, from around 13 or so different families as well as 50 independent neighbours who deliver their coffees to the wet mill.  

The cooperativa started with very humble roots.  In 1991, the group accepted a grant and loan from an NGO called the Centro de Integration Familiar (CIF), a Catholic organisation dedicated to helping poor rural families.  They were able to build a small community wet mill which is used to process member's coffee.  Over the years, the loan with the profits of their coffee production.  

The cooperativa has been the recipient of the coveted coffee award, The Cup of Excellence, not once, but twice.  

This coffee is a juicy lot, with notes of Apricot, Honey, Cherry and sweet undertones of caramel.