GUATEMALA - Finca El Tambor

GUATEMALA - Finca El Tambor

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Country:  Guatemala

Varietal:   100% Bourbon

Process:   Fully washed & Sun dried

Altitude:  1860m above sea level

Region:    Palencia

Tasting notes:  Lemon, Black cherry, butterscotch

El Tambor means 'The Drum' in Spanish.  It is assumed that the name comes from the sound of the river pounding underground - mimicking a drum sound. Victor Caledron marches to the beat of his own drum, and represents the 5th generation of coffee farmers from a family that has been in coffee for more than 100 years.  El Tambor, however, is relatively new to the coffee production in this region.

Victor bought the farm in 2001 with the aim of moving out of Robusta cultivation and into Arabica.  His dream included finding a farm with high altitude, is he could specialise in high quality Arabica production.

The farm is managed in an environmentally sustainable way, using as many traditional farming practices as possible.  Shade trees are regularly pruned as are the coffee trees after production and weeds and green area controlled manually.  This farm also promotes other environmental methods in the locality that sees the planting of bamboo in local creeks to help capture water during the rainy season so that it can be slowly released during the dry summer months.  

All coffee is picked and processed in microlots of around 22 bags of pergamino, selected according to location on the farm with attention to varietals making up the lots.  A small pulper is then used to remove mucilage and pulp from the bean.  Energy efficient methods are utilised in order to do so, by the help of small pulping machines.  Running costs of using this smaller pulper to only saves energy but uses much less fuel in order to operate and can facilitate almost a full half of harvest.