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V-60 Drip Coffee Cup Size 01

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The popular V-60 is perfect for the home brewer who loves both great coffee and an affordable and easy to use brew method.  We recommend using the swan neck kettle to give the most consistent pour, which evenly saturates the coffee grounds in your V-60.  This ensures you achieve a balanced, flavoursome, filter coffee that is well extracted. 

To use; Insert our 01 filter paper into your V-60 (you can fold the paper at the crease to allow a snug fit).  Rinse the filter paper, using a small amount of water from your swan neck kettle, to remove any papery taste that may enter the coffee. Next, add your medium grinded coffee, then slowly pour the water starting from the centre - use just enough water to cover the coffee grounds (and allow about 35 seconds for grinds and water to merge) - this allows the coffee to bloom.  Continue to slowly pour, always in circular motions for up to 2-3 minutes.  This filter coffee is best consumed black. 

Ideal for single cup use - ideal when used with the (01) Glass serving jug.