Brazil - Drip Coffee

Brazil - Drip Coffee

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Country:  Brazil

Varietal:   Red and Yellow Catuai

Process:   Natural

Altitude:  1,300 m above sea level

Region:    Cerrado Mineiro

Flavours:  Honey, Chocolate orange, apple

The Fazenda Santa Cecilia is a little jewel, owned by the well respected Pedro Veloso and family. Located centrally in Minas Gerais , which itself is renowned for some of Brazil's best coffees. 

For your convenience, you can have this beautiful freshly ground coffee, in a box of 10 handy vacuum sealed sachets. Simply attach to your cup using the specially designed handles, then tear along the top of the bag to open and slowly add small volumes of water until your cup is full. Enjoy..

Sweet as honey, with a twist of apple and orange.